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evey week there will be a new game so every  Week here will most likely be 4 games a month.and a year dont get us stated with that now! and even better there will music and videos and much much more if you have any question contact us or just follow us at twitter.com and remember this is the only site that can turn that frown up side down! For News and such go to the page(blog) called "News".

WKW is Back!!!!

Sorry for the 5 1/2 week delay  of WKW but we are back on air started last Monday on Raw With a New League of superstars. UCW (Utah Championship Wrestling)  has sent a winter league of superstars Known by the Names:
1. Sheamus
2. Yoshi Tatsu
3. Kofi Kingston
4. The Undertaker 
5. Clu (from the movie Tron)
6. kurt Angle
7. Jay Lethal
8. Suicide
9. Sting
10. BumbleBee
11. Optimus Prime
12. Gorilla