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The Future is here.The biggest event of the year is here WRESTLEMANIA 27!

WRESTLEMANIA 27 matches,Stipulations, and rules

1. Money in the Bank Elimination Street Fight: " this year 24 competetor will step into a sinister enviorment full of torturous objects such as ladders,  charis, tables, Cars, Bulldozers, Cranes, Kendo Sticks, Swords and much more. 24 men take place  in the match 23 will be eliminated by pinfall submission or hospitalized anywere that the camera can see. the ONLY person that is not eliminated will be the holder of the money in the bank plaque and can cash in on any champion of thier choice whenever they please over a 365 day year.
1. Santino
2.  PandaDad
3. The Intercontinential Champion Solbester
4. Kurt Angle
5.  The United States Champion Dabb
6. Woody
7.  Sheamus
8.  Hurtle
9.  Stanley
10.  John Bradshaw Layfeild
11.  Suicide
12.  Johnny
13.  Jeff Hardy
14.  Andrew Dav'
15.  Evan Bourne
16.  Mr.Christopher
17.  Batista
18. Rey Mysterio
19. The Miz
20. Randy Orton
21. Yoshi Tatsu
22. Snoopy
23. Junior
24. Champ Dracula
2. SINGLE - Falls Count Anywere - In a Falls Count Anywere match You can strike a pin not just in the ring, but anywere else, also No Disqulifications so you can propbably witness anything happen.
Jack Swagger vs. Bluee'y
3.SINGLE-PIN in RING- DQ: IF snakeman lose his wrestlemania record will be 26-1,but if he wins his streak will continue with 27-0 at wrestlmania!
Snakeman vs. Chris Anderson

4. SINGLE - NO STIPULATION- Tigris vs. Flaming Torch

5. SINGLE-  To end The Rivalry-  Jay Lethal

6. WOMENS CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH- Katie Lea Burchill vs.Maria Vs. Rokin' vs. Asia

7. SINGLE - Optimus Prime vs. Kung Fu w/ Panda

8. SINGLE- NO DQ : Snoopdogg vs. Paul Burchill

9. Buried Alive Match - The Undertaker vs. Chris Masters

10.  TRIO vs. TRIO - Gorilla (debut Match) , Jim, Jomn Vs. Urtle, Squirtle, and Burtle

11. Gorilla vs. Brian Griffin

SmackDown vs. RAW Battle Royal

The Rest Of the WKW Roster that dosn'tt have a match planned for Wrestlemania will compete here. many superstars will fall off the ring in
any way , and the last superstar or team will win the match.

Team Smackdown                           vs.


Team Raw

CAPTAIN: Matt Hardy